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What is meant by GST?

The Goods and Services Tax, or GST, is the indirect tax imposed on the provision of goods and services. On July 1, 2017, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) was implemented as a single taxation system in India, replacing all indirect taxes. In the 2017 Budget Session, the Central Government passed the GST Act, which was adopted by the Parliament on March 29, 2017. Among the indirect taxes that were eliminated were the Central Excise Duty, the Value-Added Tax, the Entry Tax, and the Octroi.

The Products and Services Tax (GST) is a comprehensive tax levied on the production, sale, and consumption of goods and services in the country. Under GST regulation, various small and large enterprises are required to get a GST Identification Number in order to register. The Integrated Goods and Services Tax (GST) is levied on all intrastate sales. And any intrastate sales are subject to both the Central and State GST.

Various types of GST collected by the government include:

SGST - State GST >
CGST - Central GST>
Integrated GST (IGST): The Central Government collects this tax on interstate transactions and imports.>
Union Territory Government collects Union Territory GST (UTGST).

What is the GST calculator?

We, at Zebu, provide taxpayers with a specialised and expert GST Calculator that facilitates the calculation of GST. Utilizing our tool, taxpayers can calculate GST using the differential GST rate.

Step 1: Select GST Inclusive or GST Exclusive based on your needs.
Step 2: Enter the amount originally paid
Select the GST rate from the drop-down menu in Step 3.

Click the Calculate button to view the outcome. The result will display the overall GST amount as well as the Pre-GST/Post-GST amount according to your initial request.

How do I calculate GST amount?

With the unified system of taxation, taxpayers can now determine the tax levied at multiple stages for different goods and services under the GST regime. For calculating GST, the taxpayer must be aware of the applicable GST rate for each category. The various GST rates are 5 percent, 12 percent, 18 percent, and 28 percent.

If a product or service is sold for Rs. 1,000 and the applicable GST rate is 18 percent, then the net price will be = Rs. 1,000 plus (1,000 x (18/100)) = Rs. 1,000 plus Rs. 180, or Rs. 1,180.

GST Calculation Formula
For calculating GST, a taxpayer can use the formula below:

To add GST to the base amount,

GST Amount = (Original Cost * GST %)/100 Net Price = Original Cost plus GST Amount

To eliminate GST from the basic amount,

Remove GST
GST Amount = Original Price - (Original Price * (100 / (100 + GST %))
Net Price = Original Price - Amount of GST

Benefits of GST calculator

The easy-to-use GST calculator enables you to calculate the price of a gross or net product based on the amount and provides a breakdown of percentage-based GST rates. It finds the accurate division of CGST and SGST rates or calculation of IGST.

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