Should you choose Equity over Mutual Funds?

Investing in mutual funds, investing in equity shares and trading in stocks - all three practices share the common goal of earning a higher return from your savings. However, the manner in which this end is achieved differs greatly in all three cases. A lot depends on your end goal, level of experience and risk appetite. Below, you will find some broadly outlined differences between the three that would help you decide which one is best suited for you. Risk Each individual has a certain disposable income that determines their appetite for taking…Read more »

How to become a successful intraday trader? – Part 1

How to become a successful intraday trader? – Part 1 As a trader, it is not about understanding the markets, it’s all about understanding who you are, your freedom and limitations. As a successful trader you need to place yourself at the right entry and exit points especially at the right time. A right entry point or entering at right time is one of the greatest things that almost all intra day traders fail at. In order to learn, practice and become a successful trader is not a course or a program that…Read more »