Ten Tenets to Trade as a Successful Entrepreneur (Part 2) – Guarding your Capital

In our previous article, we covered all the ways in which you can aquire or increase your trading capital. The next step towards becoming a full time trader is to understand how you can guard your money. Fundamentally, you should refine your strategy enough to limit its loss making days. Once that is covered, you might be tempted to go all out on your strategy and use up all your capital. We suggest that you refrain from doing that because a significant loss in capital can reduce your profit percentage for successful trades…Read more »

Ten Tenets to Trade as a Successful Entrepreneur (Part 1) – Adequate Capital

The first requirement to start trading is an adequate amount of capital. When you have realistic expectations from your strategy and the market, you can expect to make around 1-2% return on your capital every month. Some months, you might also need to brace yourself for negative returns or losses. Every year, you can expect your capital to grow by roughly 15% which beats the average interest benchmark for returns from your savings bank account or fixed deposit accounts. With these numbers in mind, the capital you require to make a living out…Read more »

Ten Tenets to Trade as a Successful Entrepreneur

Trading for your living means you can be your own boss and make money by your own rules. But that kind of freedom comes with utmost dedication towards the art of trading. In this article, we will be covering what it takes to become a successful entrepreneur who trades for a living. Ten Tenets to become a successful trader Adequate Capital When you have realistic expectations from the market, you can strategize intelligently to make around 2-3% return on your capital every month. For you to live off that return, you will require…Read more »

Is Equity Trading Right for me? (Part 5)

In our previous articles, we focussed on how you can use time, technology and knowledge to maximise your profitability. But is that all it takes to succeed in trading? The answer is a big NO!  We’ve all heard that practice makes a man perfect and that is the last piece of the trading puzzle. There are no traders from anywhere around the world who were profitable from the word go. It takes repeated loses and several years of practice before anyone can become consistently profitable. The ability to patiently practice and hone your…Read more »

Is Equity Trading Right For Me?

Deciding on whether equity trading is the right choice for you depends on a lot of factors, some that are external and others that have more to do with your specific circumstances and what you hope to gain as an equity trader. Having said that, here are some pointers that would give you clarity on whether your profile would suit the challenges of equity trading or not. Time It is a well known fact that only a small percentage of all equity traders make money. Typically, the traders who do earn themselves a…Read more »


ZEBU SUPER TRADER HUNT Firstly you all need to know, why the term ‘HUNT’ Search, Quest, Pursue, whatever we can call it as.. To search for people who have some pre-defined and pinpointed characteristics that comes out of a lot of mental and psychological strength and trading edge... THAT’S WHY WE CALL IT A HUNT The ultimate idea is make you profitable and generate consistent returns for your hard earned money from the market. We support you with everything that’s available, right from market and company news, statistics, technical calculations and reports, real…Read more »

ZEBU Super Trader – FAQ

What is 48 Days ZEBU Super Trader Hunt? ZEBU Super Trader hunt is to identify winning traders among registered clients of ZEBU Why Super Trader Hunt? The main aim of super trader hunt is to help participants identify themselves, where and how winning trades happen, identify and rectify losing trades. ZEBU super trader hunt makes the participants’ eliminate losing trades and become a winner always. Why 48 Days? Any act done for 48 days becomes a habit. After 48 days your habit becomes conscious. Conscious trade for 48 days makes you a winning trader. Who…Read more »
Why Traders Lose In The Financial Market.

Why Traders Lose In The Financial Market.

Three Important Things To Know Before Trading You may be one of the traders out there, Who has lost plenty of rupees in the Stock market. So in today’s lesson we are going to check the most common trading mistakes a trader does when he starts trading. Knowledge: So the first important aspect of losing in the Stock market is because of the lack of “knowledge”. What happens in the trading world is people start trading without even knowing what the market actually does. How does it move or where does it move. Most of…Read more »


In today’s session we are going to see about the major issue in the world of Stock markets. I can even say it’s one of the most debated topics between the trading world and the outside world. Now I am going to give a solid information on why you need to see the markets as a business platform rather than a gambling world. Today we will see how to start up a business in the financial markets, whether it be stock markets, commodity markets or the currency markets. Now let’s start with the…Read more »