Investment Psychology Part 2

In our investment psychology series, the previous article covered the first four trading psychology concepts covered by Martin J. Pring. Although every individual is different, trading and investing require a specific set of mental strength to become successful. Let’s understand the next set of mind rules which you need to incorporate to become a relaxed and profitable trader. 5) Don't overtrade Most new traders might get carried away with multiple profits and might place new orders hoping for more profits. Not only could these trades make losses, but these could also eat away…Read more »

Investment Psychology Part 1

The reason why 95% of retail traders fail is more often than not, only about their trading psychology than their technique or strategy. However, the importance of strategy and good risk management cannot be dismissed. In this series of investment psychology, we aim to cover the important topics outlined by Martin J.Pring in his book, ‘Investment Psychology Explained’. 1) When In Doubt Stay Out Never enter a trade when you are not sure of the direction. While it is okay to experiment with a smaller capital at the beginning of your trading journey,…Read more »

Four Things to Understand Before Starting Your Trading Career

Trading is one of the most lucrative careers and business options you can choose for yourself. But like any business, you need to understand the different aspects of trading and how your strategies and moves should be affected by it. At the crux of it, the most successful traders are those who follow their strategy without exceptions. Therefore, it is important to understand the overview of a strategy before jumping into trading. The overview of any strategy should give you more information about the following: Trading Market In India, you can trade in…Read more »

New Year Resolution for Traders

It is the time for resolutions and the hope for a promising new year! While most of our resolutions are not kept, we tend to justify it by saying “but, resolutions are meant to be broken”. But what happens when something as serious as your profession is at stake? If you are a full time trader, you need to have an honest conversation with yourself about your how well you did this year. It is crucial to take a step back and review how well you have done. This allows you to look…Read more »

Time to Review your Trading plan

The new year 2019 is almost upon us! For traders, this means that we need to look deep into our trading plan and analyse what went right and what went wrong. Although every trader’s measure of profitability depends on various factors like his/her risk appetite, capital and risk management, it all comes down to how well they have managed to stay profitable throughout the volatile year of 2018. To welcome a profitable 2019, it is time to ask yourself tough questions and determine what went right and what went wrong. In this article, we…Read more »

As New Parents, Is It Too Early To Think About Securing Your Child’s Future?

In India, children are celebrated in ways that the western world would fail to understand. We rejoice and celebrate every milestone they cross and it is in our cultural value to secure their future. This is drastically different from western nations where children have to find their own means of securing their future after they turn 18. With extravagant celebrations, education and marriage on the roadmap as soon as a child is born, parents might feel the financial burden piling on one after the other. The direct inference of this is that this…Read more »

The Anatomy of your Tax and the Benefits of Investing

For Indians older than 22, ‘tax’ is often thrown around as an ambiguous term for which there is no clear calculation. In fact, a lot of us have believed that the company we work for, deducts tax from our salaries as per government regulations. But how true is that? We aim to paint a realistic picture of your tax breakdown and how much of your ‘take home’ is actually ‘take home’. We will also list the tax benefits of investing and trading. The Indian government classifies the country’s working population into different tax…Read more »

Two Incomes After Thirty – Why Share Trading is the Way to go

By the time you reach your thirties, financial commitments will seem to pile on one after the other and soon, it might seem like you are not able to handle it. Before you are required to make unnecessary compromises to stay financially afloat, try to create a reliable second source of income which can rightly complement your lifestyle. While there are several options available for you develop that second source of income, we recommend you to consider share trading. Trading might come with its own risks, but once you understand its nuances, it…Read more »

Earning with Surplus Money – First, You Work For Money. Then, Your Money Works For You.

The cycle of work and retirement is in need of an upgrade. This is because sustaining the same lifestyle that you have while you work could become difficult after your retirement due to inflation and little to no increment in salaries during your work tenure. This means that we, as salaried workers, have to save every rupee that we can afford to in order to buy a house, put our kids through college, handle emergency medical expenses and live a comfortable life after retirement. This means compromise, cutting down on luxuries and of…Read more »

Defeating Our Inner Narakasura

First and foremost, Zebu wishes you an extremely happy and prosperous Diwali! The Festival of Lights signifies good conquering evil and the celebration of a new life. A new life which comes after the mind is illuminated and enlightened. In a sense, the battle is more of an inward than an outward phenomenon. Everything we know about the great battle between Lord Krishna and Narakasura, could be extrapolated to our own lives, where the evil Narakasura represents anything vile or negative in our minds. For the uninitiated, Hindu mythologies are filled with stories…Read more »