ZEBU SUPER TRADER HUNT Firstly you all need to know, why the term ‘HUNT’ Search, Quest, Pursue, whatever we can call it as.. To search for people who have some pre-defined and pinpointed characteristics that comes out of a lot of mental and psychological strength and trading edge... THAT’S WHY WE CALL IT A HUNT The ultimate idea is make you profitable and generate consistent returns for your hard earned money from the market. We support you with everything that’s available, right from market and company news, statistics, technical calculations and reports, real…Read more »

how to become a successful intraday trader – part 2

Hope you have understood from part 1, the necessity to take part in the other time frame bigger player’s move to make profits in intraday trading. CLICK HERE if you didn't read part 1. Now let's talk a bit in detail about identifying entry points... I told u earlier that the bigger player or you can call them as the other time frame player, once they enter into any particular stock/index the movement is more, either upside or downside. Let’s understand what a price range is. Say the market opens at 9.15 after…Read more »

How to become a successful intraday trader? – Part 1

How to become a successful intraday trader? – Part 1 As a trader, it is not about understanding the markets, it’s all about understanding who you are, your freedom and limitations. As a successful trader you need to place yourself at the right entry and exit points especially at the right time. A right entry point or entering at right time is one of the greatest things that almost all intra day traders fail at. In order to learn, practice and become a successful trader is not a course or a program that…Read more »