How To Setup Your Trading Desk

Never dismiss the importance of a well-setup trading desk. A trading desk is the most crucial part of your trading career. Therefore, spend some time and money in optimising it for maximum ease-of-use. 2299Read more »

General Elections and The Share Market

Major market movements have always been preceded with important business, economical or geopolitical news. With the General Elections around the corner, you can expect major fluctuations and movements from the market. What really affects investor and trader moods and how have the previous elections affected the market? Let’s take a look. 2264Read more »

Co-earn – Terms and Conditions

Co-earn is Zebu’s own referral program. Affiliates and members using this straightforward refer and earn program can aim to make unlimited profits based on the number of clients they manage to acquire for Zebu. Read on to know about the program and how easy it is to make money off of it 2247Read more »

Sky’s The Limit – How CoEarn Works

If you are a trader with a growing follower base full of genuinely interested traders, try our Co-earn program. With an unbeatable suite of products and services, you can safely recommend Zebu - we won’t let you down. Best of all, there is no end to how much you can earn with us! 2204Read more »