Bracket Order on Zebull – Customisability like Never Before

Bracket order, like the name suggests, allows you to ‘bracket’ your buy or sell order on both sides by specifying a target as well as a stop-loss. If you want to buy the shares of a stock using bracket order, you can place the buy order, target sell order as well as the stop-loss sell order. (Similarly, if you want to go short on a stock, you can place the sell order, target buy order as well as the stop-loss buy order.) If you are a trader who is hard-pressed for time or…Read more »

A Single Ledger For Equity And Commodity? You Can Have It Now!

Most brokerage firms in India and around the world require traders to create two separate trading accounts for trading in commodities and cash. This often creates frustrating situations which lead to missed profit-making opportunities. With Zebu’s single margin account for both equity and commodity, you’ll never have to face that problem again! With a single ledger for equity and commodity trading, you can Get a seamless experience with all your trades. Make more efficient use of your funds. Increase money flow for both commodity and equity trading in one go. Get valuable insights…Read more »

Investment Psychology – Part 5

As we have already established in our previous articles, investment psychology plays a crucial role in determining your trading career’s success. Markets react more to sentiment than to actual research and analysis. Therefore, to win at trading, you have to embrace the right psyche. This will help you navigate the ups and downs of your trades. That being said, let us dive into the final part of the investment psychology series. 17) Whenever possible, trade liquid stocks When you are starting out as a trader, it is important that you trade ONLY liquid…Read more »

Union Budget 2019 – Live Blog

Watch this space for live updates and exhaustive coverage of the Union Budget, 2019. With elections around the corner, the highly anticipated budget is all set to cover everything from farmer relief to Universal Basic Income scheme. 12:52 PM: Nifty and Sensex up by almost 1%. 12:45 PM: End of Speech. 12:41 PM: Income tax relief on notional rent from unsold houses extended to two years. 12:41 PM: Benefits of Sec80(i)BA extended for one more year for housing projects approved till the end of 2019-2020. 12:38 PM: For a taxpayer having capital gains…Read more »