Investment Psychology – Part 5

As we have already established in our previous articles, investment psychology plays a crucial role in determining your trading career’s success. Markets react more to sentiment than to actual research and analysis. Therefore, to win at trading, you have to embrace the right psyche. This will help you navigate the ups and downs of your trades. That being said, let us dive into the final part of the investment psychology series. 17) Whenever possible, trade liquid stocks When you are starting out as a trader, it is important that you trade ONLY liquid…Read more »

Union Budget 2019 – Live Blog

Watch this space for live updates and exhaustive coverage of the Union Budget, 2019. With elections around the corner, the highly anticipated budget is all set to cover everything from farmer relief to Universal Basic Income scheme. 12:52 PM: Nifty and Sensex up by almost 1%. 12:45 PM: End of Speech. 12:41 PM: Income tax relief on notional rent from unsold houses extended to two years. 12:41 PM: Benefits of Sec80(i)BA extended for one more year for housing projects approved till the end of 2019-2020. 12:38 PM: For a taxpayer having capital gains…Read more »

Investment Psychology – Part 4

Like we have been mentioning in the investment psychology series, mastering the psychological aspects of trading and investing is sure to place you ahead of the rest of the traders. In the previous article, we discussed four extremely crucial psychological as well as trading points you should keep in mind to become successful. In the same pursuit, let us work on the following four points to master some more of the trading psychology which will set you apart. 13) Place numerous bets on low-risk ideas To pick up right where we left off,…Read more »

Investment Psychology – Part 3

As we mentioned in our previous article in the investment psychology series, trading is more of a psychological game than a strategic one. Once you have mastered the psychological calmness that trading requires, you will be amazed at how simple trading actually is. It can end up being the most lucrative job available with several benefits like easy scalability and extremely low set up cost. In this article, let us delve deeper into what you need to keep in mind to become a successful trader. 9) Don't jump the gun You need to…Read more »

Investment Psychology Part 2

In our investment psychology series, the previous article covered the first four trading psychology concepts covered by Martin J. Pring. Although every individual is different, trading and investing require a specific set of mental strength to become successful. Let’s understand the next set of mind rules which you need to incorporate to become a relaxed and profitable trader. 5) Don't overtrade Most new traders might get carried away with multiple profits and might place new orders hoping for more profits. Not only could these trades make losses, but these could also eat away…Read more »

Investment Psychology Part 1

The reason why 95% of retail traders fail is more often than not, only about their trading psychology than their technique or strategy. However, the importance of strategy and good risk management cannot be dismissed. In this series of investment psychology, we aim to cover the important topics outlined by Martin J.Pring in his book, ‘Investment Psychology Explained’. 1) When In Doubt Stay Out Never enter a trade when you are not sure of the direction. While it is okay to experiment with a smaller capital at the beginning of your trading journey,…Read more »