The Anatomy of your Tax and the Benefits of Investing

For Indians older than 22, ‘tax’ is often thrown around as an ambiguous term for which there is no clear calculation. In fact, a lot of us have believed that the company we work for, deducts tax from our salaries as per government regulations. But how true is that? We aim to paint a realistic picture of your tax breakdown and how much of your ‘take home’ is actually ‘take home’. We will also list the tax benefits of investing and trading. The Indian government classifies the country’s working population into different tax…Read more »

Two Incomes After Thirty – Why Share Trading is the Way to go

By the time you reach your thirties, financial commitments will seem to pile on one after the other and soon, it might seem like you are not able to handle it. Before you are required to make unnecessary compromises to stay financially afloat, try to create a reliable second source of income which can rightly complement your lifestyle. While there are several options available for you develop that second source of income, we recommend you to consider share trading. Trading might come with its own risks, but once you understand its nuances, it…Read more »

Earning with Surplus Money – First, You Work For Money. Then, Your Money Works For You.

The cycle of work and retirement is in need of an upgrade. This is because sustaining the same lifestyle that you have while you work could become difficult after your retirement due to inflation and little to no increment in salaries during your work tenure. This means that we, as salaried workers, have to save every rupee that we can afford to in order to buy a house, put our kids through college, handle emergency medical expenses and live a comfortable life after retirement. This means compromise, cutting down on luxuries and of…Read more »

Defeating Our Inner Narakasura

First and foremost, Zebu wishes you an extremely happy and prosperous Diwali! The Festival of Lights signifies good conquering evil and the celebration of a new life. A new life which comes after the mind is illuminated and enlightened. In a sense, the battle is more of an inward than an outward phenomenon. Everything we know about the great battle between Lord Krishna and Narakasura, could be extrapolated to our own lives, where the evil Narakasura represents anything vile or negative in our minds. For the uninitiated, Hindu mythologies are filled with stories…Read more »