Ten Tenets to Trade as a Successful Entrepreneur (Part 10) – Composite Understanding of Profitable Trading

In our previous article, we focussed on the importance of trading objective and not subjectively, to remain profitable throughout your trading career. With the last article in the series covering the ten tenets to trade as a successful entrepreneur, we will be finishing off with the composite understanding of profitable trading. As you must have seen throughout the series, there are several building blocks for a successful trading plan. To summarise, the three very important parts of trading you must understand are: Capital Knowledge Discipline There are several misconceptions about full-time trading, one…Read more »

Ten Tenets to Trade as a Successful Entrepreneur (Part 9) – Being Objective and not Subjective

Our previous article focussed on the final aspects of a good trading plan and the behaviour of traders and the market in general. Now that we neared the end of the ten tenets series, we can focus on the final few attributes you will have to adopt, to become a successful trader. This begins with the general classification of traders and how the traders in each category react to different market conditions. These categories are based on the behaviour of a trader instead of the time frame they trade on, like intraday, positional…Read more »

Ten Tenets to Trade as a Successful Entrepreneur (Part 8) – Powerful Trading Strategies (Conclusion)

In the last couple of articles, we have discussed two powerful strategies which can provide you with a good capital appreciation when it used with discipline in the long term. In this article, we aim to talk about a few general characteristics of the market along with how you can use it to make more profits. Strategies, in general, work only when certain conditions are met. In a bull market, Sell Today Buy Tomorrow (STBT) strategies might not work and in a bull market, Buy Today Sell Tomorrow (BTST) strategies might not work…Read more »

Ten Tenets to Trade as a Successful Entrepreneur (Part 8) – Powerful Trading Strategies (Strategy 2 – Pivot Trading)

In our previous article, we elaborately went over how to use the Open High Low strategy to make consistent profits. Another strategy which gives good returns is the pivot trading strategy. Pivot points are mathematical levels plotted on a security’s graph to mark significant support and resistance levels. The underlying concept in this strategy that, when the stock’s price breaches any of the pivot levels, then it will continue to move in that direction. How are the Pivot levels calculated? Before we get into the details of how pivot levels are calculated, let’s…Read more »

Ten Tenets to Trade as a Successful Entrepreneur (Part 8) – Powerful Trading Strategies (Strategy 1- Open High Low)

In our previous article, we extensively covered the relationship between price and volume. You can combine that knowledge with a powerful trading strategy for a good capital appreciation. But please note that you still have to watch out for national and international economic and political events which could make the market more volatile and unpredictable. As part of the eighth tenet in this series, we will be covering several strategies which are back tested and beat the benchmark of your standard fixed deposit and savings bank returns. Some have even given better results…Read more »