Ten Tenets to Trade as a Successful Entrepreneur (Part 7) – Understanding Price and Volume

In our previous article, we covered the nuances of having a trading plan. Now that we have gotten into the stronger details of intraday trading, the first thing you need to understand is the relation between price and volume. A trader might have several indicators and screeners to work on his trading plan but the only driving force of a price is volume. If you understand how volume affects the price movement, you can consider yourself a professional trader who knows how to navigate between the ups and downs of the market. The…Read more »

Ten Tenets to Trade as a Successful Entrepreneur (Part 6) – Having a Trading Plan

With our previous article, we started getting into the important aspects of actual trading. After observing the market for decades, we can safely conclude that those who devise a trading plan and stick to it with discipline, have come out to be successful compared to those who go by their instincts. In our previous articles in the same series, we have extensively covered why it is important to have a trading plan. So, what do we mean by ‘trading plan’? And how can you devise one? A trading plan is a set of…Read more »

Ten Tenets to Trade as a Successful Entrepreneur (Part 5) – Listen to the Market

In our previous article, we highlighted the relationship between profitability and the number of winning trades. Now that we have covered the auxiliary knowledge required to become a successful trader, it is time to get into the details of actual trading itself. The first step towards that is understanding how and why you need to listen to the market instead of taking your own calls. Why should you Listen to the Market? The market functions in three modes - consolidation, uptrend and downtrend. The goal for you should be to capture these movements…Read more »

Ten Tenets to Trade as a Successful Entrepreneur (Part 4) – Generate More Light Than Heat

Our previous article outlined the winning psychology you need to adapt to become a successful trader. The next objective for you is to understand the difference between profitability and profit. Once you dive deep into trading, you will come across many “successful” call providers who claim that more than 90% of their calls are profitable! But how reliable can are they? Even if their claims are true, does it mean that you will make profits at the end of the month? In this article, we aim to demystify that and shed some light…Read more »